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LUCA is a church owned kindergarten & primary school. It was started by Lavington United Church 20 years ago as Christian model school. It is aimed at offering quality education by imparting knowledge, skills and attitudes that will enhance acquisition of sound moral values for the full development of individual talent and personality.
The school provides a safe, caring, friendly and secure learning environment for all students.
The academy offers the 8-4-4 curriculum and is certified by the Ministry of Education.

The school infrastructure is tailored to suite a modern learning environment with fully equipped classrooms. The facility is situated at the serene area of Lavington Green which is accessible with ease from all corners of our City.

The school tuition block is within the precincts of our Mother Church; Lavington United Church where the school community congregates for spiritual nourishment guided by a team of dedicated pastoral team and a children’s Minister.

a. Classrooms
A two (2) storey tuition block houses spacious classrooms which accommodates pupils from baby class to standard eight the space comfortably accommodates 250 pupils.
Our classrooms are well lit and ventilated and only allow a maximum number of 20 pupils per class a number that promotes maximum teacher to individual child attention.

b. Water, Power & Sanitation
The school has ample supply of water both from Nairobi Water Company and own well stocked storage tanks in the compound that provide water for cooking, cleaning and general sanitation. A high power standby automatic generator to ensure stable power supply during the lessons.

c. Meals
The Academy provides quality hot lunch that is carefully prepared to cater for our pupils dietary needs.

d. Security
The school is well fenced and managed by a 24hr security surveillance.

Being a Christian school we nurture the spiritual being of our pupils through integrating all subjects taught in the school with Christian values.
Our pastors are passionate in seeing to it that all our staff and pupils have special days set aside basically to reach out to our spiritual needs.

Our teaching staff comprises of qualified and competent teachers who provide services with a Christian touch. The catering staff is well qualified with relevant certification.
The Academy staff has a wealth of experience in the spiritual, academic, and intellectual affairs which helps them to fully understand the needs of a child individually.

Over the past years, our school has performed well with all our pupils being admitted to National & County schools where they have performed exemplarily well.

We offer transport to all children to and from school. This is done through special arrangement with the parents. The bus also facilitates school excursions and field trips.

Beyond the Classroom, LUCA ensures that every child is given an opportunity to explore talents and interests and with the guidance of teachers  are developed to full potential. The Academy provides various activities to achieve this.

a. Sports – We are passionate about sports which is a key player to the physical development of our pupils. Various sporting activities are available - Football, basketball, netball, Taekwondo, Skating and Swimming. The School holds a swimming gala once a year.

b. Scouting –The school has a scout movement that assists in hoisting the National Flag every Monday and Friday. This is an avenue where pupils get a chance to engage themselves in community social activities.

c. Music & Drama –The school supports and encourages pupils to participate in the Music and Drama clubs and over the years the children have succeeded to participate in the Kenya Music Festivals from zonal to National level.

d. Computer Classes –We offer computer classes to our pupils to help enhance their digital literacy. We provide interactive educational programs to make the experience exciting and productive.